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A tobacco giant hashes out a deal with a cannabis company

December 19, 2018

Those who fret about America’s health must have rejoiced in November when the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, a federal agency, announced that smoking rates had fallen to their lo... (more)

Sandoz joins medical cannabis drive with Tilray deal

December 19, 2018

By Phil Taylor Tilray was the first cannabis company to get a public listing on the Nasdaq e... (more)

Cannabis companies eager to take growing biz to the bank

August 24, 2017

Any private U.S. bank that is insured by the federal government is forbidden by law from knowingly handling money from cannabis businesses. That leaves people in the rapidly growing industry with f... (more)

Banks still don't like the risks associated with legal pot business

August 04, 2017

By Michael R. Blood | Kristen Wyatt Billions of dollars are expected to flow through California's legitimate ... (more)

Marijuana Stigma Receding Among Some Big Companies

June 29, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey The giants of American business are getting more comfortable abou... (more)

Marijuana Businessman Denied Life Insurance

June 27, 2016

By Steven Nelson   A successful businessman with a growing footprint in several states says he... (more)