Fullerton M.M.J. Delivery


As private and discreet caregivers, we focus on one on one patient relations and providing proper medication for our collective patients

We follow California M.M.J. laws and do not use hired drivers to deliver medications

we volunteer to bring medication to our patients as a legal patient and caregiver

We provide free M.M.J. health care resources and services to our local community as our general practice and rely on donations to provide these free ongoing

M.M.J. healthcare services to the community


1001 West Chapman Avenue
Fullerton, California 92833
United States

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  • New Loyalty Holy Smoke 420 Card Now Gives Our Loyal Patients a free 4.2g/8th
  • Every 10 Holy Smoke Holes ($60 per Hole)


First-Time Patients

First-Time Patients

$ 100 |  $ 100

Valid Until January 02, 2020

Caregiver Monthly Medication Deals for: New Patients and Current Patients Get 1/4qt. and a 1g of shatter for $100 Get a 1/2oz. and 2gs of Shatter for $180 Get 5gs of Shatter for $100 Free Delivery Included!!! New Patients Accepted Mon. - Thur.


1 Review
New MMJ Patient from HelloMD.com
Extremely Satisfying

I was given the correct medication of cannabis fo my health issues with pain and sleep thanks Fred

February 2018

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1 Review



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