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2020 Solutions was among the first recreational retailers to open in the state of Washington. We focus on creating an experience that allows you to spend time with a professional, knowledgeable budtender. Our budtenders will guide you through the process, and offer suggestions to enhance your cannabis experience. We have a great selection of products, including vaporizers, and locally blown glass. Our premier product is our high quality selection of Washington grown marijuana. We partner with growers that are able to provide a consistent, high quality product to you, our customer. The feedback we receive from customers really says it all. Here is a small sample: "The shop is very modern and clean. The staff members are very friendly and professional." "2020 offers mature, comfortable and focused service that will answer your questions and meet your desires." " I was feeling pretty awkward because I had no idea what I was doing and only a slight idea of what I wanted. Your team was great! There was no pressure, just good information and friendly people."


2018 Iron St
Bellingham, Washington
United States

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9am-10pm Monday - Saturday, 9am-6pm Sunday


1 Review
Ryan Black
Bellingham, Washington
5 Start Treatment

I love this place. I get 5 star treatment every time I go in. I love the knowledgeable, friendly staff.

September 2017

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1 Review



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