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Marijuana industry fears if Sessions is confirmed, dispensaries could get shut down

January 12, 2017

By Debra Borchardt The marijuana industry will be listening intently to... (more)

Cannabis coffee pods are about to become compatible with millions of household Keurig machines

January 01, 2017

By Chase Purdy Early risers seeking a little extra from their morning buzz will soon be able to turn to their Keurig brewers. A ... (more)

WHO takes first steps to reclassify medical cannabis under international law

January 01, 2017

By Scott Gacek It could still be a long wait, but patients in the United Stat... (more)

If you’re poor in America, good luck getting medical marijuana

December 08, 2016

Thanks to federal law, patients who stand to benefit the most from cannabis treatment often can’t afford it. By Emily Gray Brosious Medical marijuana ... (more)

Players aren't dopes for using medical marijuana

December 07, 2016

By David Whitley, ... (more)

Government pot is less potent than commercial pot, questioning dozens of scientific studies

November 14, 2016

By Michael Price Earlier this week, four U.S. states voted to legalize recreational use of mar... (more)

Thanks to legalizations, US weed is better and stronger — and Mexico wants it

November 12, 2016

By The World staff Let's just come right out and say it: A lot of people in the United State... (more)