Clone technician


Apply at Salary: $40,000 - $60,000 We are humboldt Growers we are a family owned business and we are also vertically integrated in the hospitality industry. We are searching for an enthusiastic experienced clone technician 5 plus years preferred but not limited to join our team. Duties 1. Responsible for all aspects of marijuana cultivation including: cloning; following our intelligent system we followed for over 15 years.Watering and nutrient management, Individual plant health,treatment of pests or disease Light change. Please send a fresh resume Your previous experience Challenges working in cultivation and solutions you have undercome Lastly our job site is all outdoors on a mountain Please include any health conditions that limit you for working in these conditions We look forward to meeting you.


Humboldt Grower

Price $ 50,000

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401-415 Maple Ln
Garberville, California 95542
United States