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Apply online at careers.marijuanacentral.com Salary: $20,000 - 40,000 The budtender is the crucial sales position in Karmaceuticals. It produces the gasoline that keeps the Karma machine going! The position requires extremely detailed knowledge of strains, edibles, concentrates, Karma Klones, drinks, topicals, vaporizers, and all things marijuana. The budtender is the face of the company with patients. Customer service is key, as well as knowledge. Knowing procedures is as important as knowing products. Correctly ringing customers up while upselling while creating rapport is necessary. Sales goals must be reached, and customer satisfaction must be perfect. Karma doesn’t take a day off, and neither do we. The perfect budtender is able to look at every single product and describe three or four selling points for the product. The perfect budtender must know his/her patients well and be able to correctly recommend medicine to make their day and life better. The perfect budtender is calm and collected, while exuberating high energy with teammates, customers, and via social media. The perfect budtender knows math and computer skills, and has a passion for marijuana and the medical benefits it has. As a Budtender, you are required to be perfect in many areas. Sales – The most important function of a Karma budtender is the ability to sell. As with any company, sales are the driving force, the gasoline, to keep the vehicle moving. The greatness of selling in the marijuana industry is that you are improving lives, quickly and effectively. You literally are selling (if we could give it away, we would!) cures to many ailments and giving people a second chance at life. This is the most rewarding sales position available. We have sales goals everyday. Efficiency is key to accomplishing our goals with the large number of people we meet each day. Failure to meet these goals will result in demotion or termination. It is the team member’s responsibility to learn new sales techniques and to stay versed in the marijuana industry. This leads us to our next area of expertise. Product Knowledge – In order to effectively sell and improve lives, you must know your products and their benefits. Selling a sativa to an insomniac is painful and irresponsible for the global medicine we provide. Customer Service – Many of our customers are patients….that means they are ILL! Kindness, a smile, and getting to know all our patients greatly improves their happiness. It is imperative that each and every customer leaves happy with a smile on their face. That is the essence of Good Karma! Loss Prevention – It is also important to protect our team and teammates. Theft hurts the company, hurts your teammates, and hurts yourself. It is important to notice security issues, breaches of security, and to report them to your manager. Theft is not tolerated and, as marijuana is a Class I narcotic, is required to be reported to the Denver Police and Marijuana Enforcement Division. We take many precautions, and have nearly 30 active cameras with a loss prevention officer monitoring them daily. It still takes the whole team to work together to keep our products safe! How to Apply www.mmjkarma.com/jobs Notice: This job posting may be expired at the time of contact.



Price $ 20,000

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