Why you should choose cannabis over cigarettes

Why you should choose cannabis over cigarettes

Time Magazine just published a story revealing that college students are turning to marijuana versus tobacco products, particularly cigarettes.

Time states, "The researchers report that one in every 17 college students is smoking marijuana daily or nearly every day." Cigarettes used to be popular among young Americans, but thanks to campaigns such as Truth X, we are slowly eradicating certain tobacco products as a young culture.

According to Truth Orange, "You get double the matches [on Tinder] if you're not smoking in your profile pics." They are trying to appeal to the youth themselves by showing the facts and exposing the tobacco industry.
You have probably seen one of Truth Orange's advertisement's on MTV, or seen one of their famous hashtags used to promote a tobacco-free world, such as #SwipeLeft, #ItsATrap, or #FinishIT. Truth Orange states,"One in three youth will die of a tobacco-related illness."

Truth X shows that only 8 percent of high-schoolers still smoke.

On the flip side, half of the college students who tried cigarettes in college still smoke four years later.
The good news is, marijuana is perceived to be less harmful than it used to be, which is proven to be true. "According to a 2009 study published in American Scientist on the relative toxicity of recreational drugs, consuming 10 times the 'effective' dose of alcohol is potentially fatal, while a user would need to ingest 1,000 times the effective dose of marijuana to risk death," Huffington Post said. "Second, there has still never been a documented overdose death due to marijuana."


In addition, marijuana actually helps aid the body in many ways. It can treat migraines, slow tumor growth, cure glaucoma, relieve PMS, prevent seizures and Alzheimers, as well as just calm down the user and help aid mental issues such as OCD, Tourette's and anxiety. Cannabis oil in particular has helped aid children and adults treat their illnesses, even cancer.

So why is marijuana so frowned upon? Why is it still illegal? The war on drugs is a huge issue. But why is marijuana part of that? The worst side effects from smoking marijuana are paranoia and munchies.

Furthermore, since Washington and Colorado have legalized weed, they estimate $580 million and $67 million in tax revenue respectively, according to The Washington Post. That means that the U.S. could be raking in $5.8 billion a year by legalizing marijuana.

Today’s stoners don't have the perceived stereotype like the "lazy" hippies of the 60’s; they’re the students who have a “work hard, play hard” mentality. Many "A" students are huge marijuana fans. Some claim they like to study high, while others use it in their off hours to unwind so they can ace the test tomorrow.

So smoke up! Not only is marijuana actually good for you, it could really benefit the economy. Instead of turning to alcohol or hard drugs, get a little help from your "friend," marijuana.

Who knows, maybe you could relax and get your first 4.0.


by Brittney Christ