By Matthew Ormseth

July 1, a fated day in Massachusetts for advocates of recreational marijuana, came and went. The first day that stores were allowed to sell nonmedical cannabis passed without so much as a joint sold. No retailers had been licensed, and July 1 turned out much like any other day since December 15, 2016, when it became legal in Massachusetts to possess, grow and give away small quantities of cannabis.

But in the intervening year-and-a-half, no retailers have begun selling the drug. Advocates of its recreational use have grown frustrated at the retail rollout’s plodding pace.

On Monday, Massachusetts’ cannabis commission gave a provisional retail license to Cultivate Holdings in Leicester, but a spokeswoman for the commission said the company must pass an inspection and fingerprint its staff before it can begin selling cannabis. The commission has also awarded another company, Milford, Mass.-based Sira Naturals, licenses to grow and transport recreational marijuana.

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