What are the best ways to enjoy cannabis?

What are the best ways to enjoy cannabis?

Cannabis has massively gained in popularity over the past few years thanks to the possible effects that the substance has. Many claim that CBD has a number of relaxing capabilities, able to soothe pain, lower anxiety and increase appetite. This has sent a number of people looking for methods to ingest cannabis in different ways. Below is a guide to the many different ways that you can enjoy the many benefits of cannabis to help you find the best method for you.

It’s important to know that, whilst many people may associate cannabis consumption with smoking this is by no means the only way that you can use it. Many people would prefer to find a method more fitting to their lifestyle or health, as smoking can often be harsh on the throat. It’s important to find cannabis brands that work with the methods you would prefer to use in the future.


A very popular method of ingesting CBD and cannabis is through vaping. Vape pens and tanks heat up cannabinoids and other compounds into the air that produces a vapour to inhale. This means that there is no smoke or anything else that could irritate the throat. There are also a large number of vapes that can have their voltage and wattage altered so that the cloud produced is thicker or thinner, bigger or small to allow discreteness where necessary. You can also get flavoured vape juices, making sure that your CBD tastes just the way you want it to.


Edibles can be some of the most delicious methods of ingesting cannabis. It is easy to infuse cannabis into any kind of edible, from candy to muffins, lollipops to brownies. You can use cannabis infused butter in baked goods, allowing nothing to interfere with the taste of your snacks, or cannabis oils that allow you to infuse any candies you are able to make. Edibles are best for those who are unable to smoke or inhale cannabis due to medical reasons, or for those who want a good taste with their cannabis.

Pills, Capsules and Tablets

There are a number of pills, capsules and tablets that are a fantastic alternative for those who are concerned about smoking or vaping. Cannabis tablets are also a great way for people to ensure they are taking the correct dosage of cannabis, which is especially good for those who use cannabis medically as opposed to recreationally. These pills will dissolve in the stomach and release the CBD compound rapidly, letting the user take the cannabis in a safe and controlled manner.


Cannabis tinctures are a great way to ingest cannabis rapidly, or to apply it topically if pains arise in certain areas. Moreso, tinctures can be made yourself if you have the knowhow. Cannabis tinctures are most often taken under the tongue, as the tongue and sublingual region of the mouth are full of blood vessels and glands that quickly absorb the cannabis oil and redistribute it around the body, great for those who need the relief of CBD as soon as possible.


As you can see, there are a vast number of ways that you can inject and take cannabis without having to smoke the leaves themselves. There are many people who could benefit from the potential effects that cannabis brings and, hopefully, these many methods of using CBD can bring more people to try it. Whether you want a good taste, a way to get the oil into your system quickly, to be able to specifically measure each dose or just a way that doesn’t hurt your throat, these methods should help you interact with cannabis in a way that is safe and good for you.