Want a job in Massachusetts’s marijuana industry? Here’s what you need to know

Want a job in Massachusetts’s marijuana industry? Here’s what you need to know

Even with the slow start of Massachusetts’s recreational marijuana industry, advocates and employers say if you’re looking to get into the cannabis business, there are jobs — and businesses are searching to get more employees on the books.

Over 200 jobs will be up for grabs from 14 cannabis companies at a July 25 marijuana industry employment fair — organized by several industry business associations and advocacy groups — at Roxbury Community College.

“We’re really trying to destigmatize this industry and [have] folks understand this is no different than any other industry,” said Jay Youmans, a founding member of the Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association, the group that spearheaded organizing the event. “We create jobs. We hire local people. We’re regulated very heavily, and we take this job really seriously.”

Thinking of dusting off your resume and entering the market? Here are a few things to keep in mind that fair participants told Boston.com:

The industry will rely on a diverse range of professionals, employees

There’s much more to the business than growing marijuana.

For instance, creating cannabis-infused baked goods and sweet concoctions means there will be openings for people with culinary expertise, said Beth Waterfall, founder and executive director of Elevate New England, a nonprofit aimed at educating the public on all factors of the commonwealth’s newest industry.

The state’s requirement for product testing calls for scientists and chemists in the industry, and, since the federal government still considers marijuana illegal, there will be plenty of need for attorneys and legal experts, she said.

“The big thing I try to hammer home is there’s opportunity for everyone regardless of your background,” said Waterfall, a marketing consultant who switched gears to focus solely on clients in the marijuana industry in 2015.

As the state’s cannabis industry continues to grow, there will be opportunities for several other industries to pick up some business, too, according to Michael Dundas, president and CEO of Sira Naturals Inc., the first company to receive a license to grow recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.

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