In what may be the ultimate “weed out” course, Cannabis 101 is now offered at a major research university in the Tri-State area.

Its goal is to prepare students for work in the fast-growing field of legal marijuana.

Even on a cold day at the University of Connecticut, there’s a warm glow from the high-pressure sodium lights inside the school’s greenhouse. It’s there that a crop you might expect to be hidden off campus is carefully tended by serious-minded students.

“These are plants I’m growing to determine the effects of lactic acid bacteria on terpene profile,” UConn student Evert McKee said.

400 students enrolled in the first cannabis horticulture class offered by a major university.

“It’s not just like ‘here’s a weed plant,’ we’re learning about cannabis and what it can really do,” UConn student Madison Blake said.

Taking them through all the steps of the complete grow cycle, the UConn cannabis is legal since it lacks the psychoactive compound THC.

“Everything else is pretty much the same, so it’s a good way to study marijuana without studying marijuana,” graduate assistant Peter Apicella said.

So what did their parents say about taking such a class?

“They discouraged it a little bit because of it being put on my transcript, and the connotation behind cannabis,” UConn student Mitchell Gross.

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