Things about the vaping industry you didn't know

Things about the vaping industry you didn't know

Vaping is one of the most important trends of this century. You will find both adults and youngsters vaping in parties, parks, and everywhere in between. Vaping has become this popular for its amazing taste, and now people embrace it as a style icon. But will people continue vaping in the future? This question gets a bit tricky to answer. Many trends come and go in the world, and it's hard to tell which one will stay here. This article tries to answer the important question of vaping and its dominance in the future, so keep reading!

Some Misconceptions

There are many wrong assumptions about vaping that have made it unpopular in the world. People think that vaping is as harmful as smoking, and it must be shunned like tobacco smoking. But the truth is that smoking is not equal to smoking. Cigarettes are found to have around 4000 harmful chemicals that can produce chronic diseases like cancer. Vaping has not yet been found to contain any harmful chemical that is found in cigarettes. True, nicotine in vaping is harmful in its regard, but there is no way of equating vaping with smoking. You can learn more about E-cigs here.

How Vaping Picked Up Pace

Vaping is certainly not a new thing in the world. But looking at the statistics nowadays, you will find that millions of people prefer vaping. The creation and popularization of vaping are quite interesting. Prototype vaping devices made by people like Joseph Robinson and Herbert Gilbert paved the way for devices that burned tobacco with electricity instead of fire. But things took a wild turn when Hon Lik created the first proper vaping device in China. There's no surprise in knowing that Chinese people came up with proper vaping devices for the first time as they are already ahead of the world regarding inventions.

The Refinement Phase

Hon Lik's first vaping device was so famous that people couldn't overlook it. People started coming up with similar devices in China and throughout the world that could burn tobacco using electricity. Soon after, companies and sophisticated teams came up with different vape models like ECigs and vaping mods, shaping the refinement phase. In the present age, there are tons of vaping devices that cater to every person's needs. You can find more about the history of vaping in the documentary called "Broken."

The Success

The 2010s proved to be the most successful year for the vaping industry. Vapers had so many choices when it came to different vaping devices. Institutions like the Oxford Dictionary decided to recognize this new phenomenon. But the breakthrough came when the company named "JUUL" took over the market and started selling products like hotcakes. More and more companies are willing to make money from this successful industry.

Is It Here To Stay?

The answer seems to be "yes" when you look at the current statistics. Many young people and adults are willing to try the different vaping flavors and devices to diversify their experience. The good thing is that strict regulations in the market keep things under the legal banner. New models come with design rectification that is more feature-rich and robust for daily use.

Should It Stay Here?

Yes, keeping its positive benefits in view, vaping should stay in our society. The best benefit of vaping is that it enables chain smokers to get rid of cigarettes. People who want to quit tobacco cold turkey prefer smoking as it gives the same pleasure and experience but without pushing any harmful chemicals in the lungs.