The Benefits of Marijuana Vaporization

The Benefits of Marijuana Vaporization

By far the most common way to consume marijuana is by inhaling the smoke of the heated marijuana plant with a joint or a pipe. While the psychoactive cannabinoids found in marijuana pose no serious health risks, the smoke itself can be harsh on a person's lungs, and may even contain harmful and toxic chemicals.

Vaporization, however, is an alternative method of consuming marijuana. Because the marijuana is not heated to combustible temperatures during the vaporization process, there is no production of smoke or of any of the harmful substances found in smoke. A dry herb vaporizer is designed to release and deliver only the active cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant.

Cannabinoids begin to vaporize at around 285° Fahrenheit, and the marijuana plant begins to combust at 392°. Joints can burn as hot as 2,012°, delivering about 12% of the cannabinoids but 88% of the combusted plant matter, none of which is psychoactive and some of which may in fact be harmful to your health.

Vaporizers, however, only heat the cannabis plant to around 338°, a veritable "sweet spot" for releasing only the psychoactive cannabinoids but not any other harmful substances. Vaporizers deliver vapor that consists of 95% cannabinoids, while the other 5% is merely the fragrant oils and chemicals of the plant.

Marijuana smokers do not seem to be at an increased risk for cancer than the general population. The consumption of marijuana smoke does not have the same carcinogenic effects as the consumption of tobacco smoke. Nevertheless, the consumption of any combusted plant matter has negative side-effects on a smoker's lungs, and marijuana smoke has been shown to increase the risk of bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

Regular users of marijuana should therefore consider other methods of ingestion. Vaporization is a much better alternative to smoking, providing the user with all of the psychoactive and therapeutic chemicals found in marijuana, while protecting them from the harmful ones inherent in smoke.

If you are a regular user of marijuana, then you should definitely invest in the best dry herb vaporizers. Though some heavy-duty vaporizers are probably out of your immediate budget, there are many small, personal-sized vaporizers available that are well worth the money of the casual user. By switching from smoking to vaporizing and not allowing any harm to come to your lungs, you can take full advantage of marijuana's many, proven therapeutic benefits.