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The Benefits of Marijuana Vaporization

September 13, 2014

By far the most common way to consume marijuana is by inhaling the smoke of the heated marijuana plant with a joint or a pipe. While the psychoactive cannabinoids fo... (more)

The Gateway Theory and the Helpfulness of Marijuana Prohibition

May 21, 2014

The gateway theory is really an assumption that marijuana is the "gateway" leading to addiction to hard drugs. This notion is driven by... (more)

Hey Indiana, legal marijuana isn’t going to doom your workforce

December 26, 2019

By Mike Adams It’s not even 2020, and alrea... (more)

The cannabis industry hit a home run with this announcement

December 23, 2019

By Sean Williams In just 10 days we'll be ringing in a new year and a new decade, but it may not be the happiest of time... (more)

Buzzkill: Oregon bans cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages

December 21, 2019

By Andrew Selsky Oregon is renowned for its craft beer and increasingly for its high-grade marijuana, but the state is keeping the two apart — for now.... (more)

Emerald Cup blazes ahead as California settles into recreational cannabis legalization

December 14, 2019

By Eric Renner Brown The Emerald Cup, the California marijuana happening that’s part cannabis competition, part wellness convention, part agriculture summit, part pot mar... (more)

Cannabis' largest trade show is pretty ordinary, and that's what the industry wants

December 14, 2019

By Alicia Wallace A stroll through the show floor this week ... (more)

The cannabis industry is not as green as you’d think

November 27, 2019

By Andrea Michelson Even as the legal c... (more)

Social equity activist launches incubator for cannabis entrepreneurs and victims of the War On Drugs

November 27, 2019

By Devin Thorpe The landscape for marijuana sal... (more)