Stillwater hosting its first-ever cannabis festival with Cowboy Cup

Stillwater hosting its first-ever cannabis festival with Cowboy Cup

By Jonah Samuel

Medical marijuana in Oklahoma sparked a boom in the business of cannabis, from dispensaries to processors to growers. The patient numbers have swelled at a rate faster than any other state, the business licenses also came together quickly. Stillwater alone has more than 33 dispensaries registered with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association – though not all have been through the city’s permitting process.

The next boom might be for event planners. Several festivals have been planned for Oklahoma, many of those will be industry-focused. The Cowboy Cup, Dec. 13 and 14 at the Tumbleweed, will be Stillwater’s first-ever cannabis festival. Part festival, part competition, the idea is that growers and processors will be able to leave the Cowboy Cup with bragging rights or the ability to market their product as championship-level. The Cowboy Cup could soon face its own brand of competition for who has the best festival. Is Cowboy Cup CEO and founder Daniel Lewis worried?

“We’re going to kill it,” Lewis said.

In fact, Lewis has been planning this for a while. He’s worked festivals before, and he plans to use some of Oklahoma’s other festivals as “satellite” championships, with the Cowboy Cup serving as the Oklahoma state championship.

He thinks he can draw around 5,000 people to Stillwater.

The cannabis competition will judge flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals and a range of CBD categories, according to the event’s news release. Judging will be performed in concert with testing by F.A.S.T. Laboratories/Research, which Lewis said will actually be cheaper as a contest entry than it would be for vendors to have the testing independently.

Although the Cowboy Cup is a competition to determine the top vendors and growers in all of Oklahoma, there are many other attractions to this event. There will be no shortage of food coming from multiple local food trucks parked outside of the Tumbleweed as well as the ability to purchase alcoholic beverages for attendees over the age of 21. There is also several musical guests: Watermelon Slim; Taddy Porter, The Brothers Moore, Henna Roso, Sativa Prophets and The Dirty Little Betty’s.

“People that are cannabis connoisseurs can go look at this expo. We’re going to have different exhibitors having products and services. Also, we will have classes throughout the day,” Lewis said. “Growing 101. We’ll have a couple of classes for commercial guys and a couple classes for homegrowers or people that are interested. We’ll also have a big art exposition. We’re having a bunch of Oklahoma artists come up, do live art work. We’re going to raffle some off for charity. We’ve got glassblowers coming out. Lots of fun stuff.

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