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How much will the marijuana industry bring in this year?

May 12, 2016

By Mike Schneider ORLANDO, Fla. — Retail marijuana sales in the United States are expected to be $4.5 billion this year, but constant changes in sta... (more)

Colorado to pay high price for doctor to study marijuana legalization

May 07, 2016

By  John Ingold and Ricardo Baca State health offic... (more)


May 07, 2016

By WINSTON ROSS Josh Khankhanian stuck his nose deep into a jar of dense, multicolored ... (more)

Florida: Medical Marijuana Initiative at War with Drug Free America

May 05, 2016

By Mike Adams  The rematch over the legalizati... (more)

Why legalizing marijuana will be much harder than you think

May 04, 2016

By Erwin Chemerinsky Each week, In Theory takes on a big idea in the news... (more)

How racism and bias criminalized marijuana

May 04, 2016

By John Hudak Each week, In Theory takes on a big idea in the news and ex... (more)

Walgreens Tells its Customers to Consider Medical Cannabis

May 04, 2016

By Alan Brochstein Chris Male of Anslinger Capital shared something today with our almost 4000 member LinkedIn group, ... (more)

About that ‘bud summit’ at the White House — pot activists are still waiting

May 03, 2016

By Aaron C. Davis It took a pot-smoking protest outside the White House, but on Monday, ad... (more)

Hemp Insulation: The Healthy Alternative for You and Your Home

May 02, 2016

By Kathy Garton Every year thousands of Americans add fiberglass batts to interior walls, ... (more)

The DEA Just Approved a Way to Smoke Marijuana Legally for the First Time

May 02, 2016

By Jen Wieczner Drug regulators changed their minds after saying it would “nev... (more)