By Michelle San Miguel

Even though adults can now legally buy recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, they should know that what they do off the clock could cost them their job.

“From the employee's perspective, not a lot has changed. So, whether you smoked illegally last week or you smoked legally this week, the employer still has the ability to enforce its own workplace rules,” said Chip Muller, an employment lawyer who practices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Muller said even though the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana users cannot be fired for using marijuana, that doesn't apply to recreational marijuana.

“I think what's important for employees to realize is that this freedom of being able to buy marijuana may clash directly with the employer's values,” Muller said.

There were long lines to get into the recreational marijuana stores that opened Tuesday morning in Leicester and Northampton.

NBC 10 News asked Muller if those who consume marijuana should be worried about being subject to a random drug test at work.

“In Massachusetts, random drug testing is allowed. In Rhode Island, random drug testing is not allowed by employers,” Muller said. “So, if you're in Massachusetts and you have a job that somehow entails public safety so think about people who drive for a living or certainly law enforcement officersrandom drug testing is allowed and legal.”

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