by Scott Taylor

In Maryland, picking up a prescription at a pharmacy is pretty easy for most of us, but a computer system that tracks medical marijuana prescriptions has been crashing and that’s affecting some of the 47,000 medical marijuana users in Maryland who tell ABC7 News they have been turned away from dispensaries.

Amy Mellen typically refills her medical cannabis prescription at Remedy in Columbia, but on multiple occasions she and others have been turned away after Maryland's Medical Cannabis Commission servers crashed.

"First of all, it's panic because as a chronic pain patient I know what's it like to be in chronic pain 24 hours a day,” said Mellen.

Iggy Stefanski uses cannabis to kick his opioid addiction.

“It angers me," said Iggy Stefanski.

His wife, Jessica Stefanski, told 7 On Your Side no refills is life altering.

“I don't think there is anyone on the state level that is concerned about patients getting their marijuana," said Jessica Stefanski.

The state's Medical Cannabis Commission contracts out the work to Franwell, a Florida based company which uses a software called Metrc. Metrc has reportedly had similar computer slow-downs in Oregon. Franwell has no comment.

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