By Syma Chowdhry

Both recreational and medical marijuana users will soon be able to order products straight to their door. Licensed dispensaries are starting to offer home deliveries.

We visited Nature’s Releaf in Burton.

“Totally new, total new industry for all of us,” said Ally Goff, the manager of Nature‘s Releaf in Burton.

They opened in November and business has been booming. That’s why they will soon be offering home deliveries for recreational and medical marijuana users.

“No one wants to make an hour drive here and there or sit in a line and wait in a line if they have to.”

Users have to first show up at the shop and create a profile with them. That includes their identification card and bank routing information. After that, they will be able to order online.

“From then on out, they don’t have to worry about not being able to get here, the access of it as well as people who work can’t get here during the hours, we just love that we can provide for them.”

The person has to be there to accept the delivery and it has to be the address on file. The drivers will travel with a certain amount of marijuana products in a secure way.

“Concentrates, we’ll have vape carts, we will have flower, accessories and edibles.”

For safety reasons they will be in an unmarked car provided by the shop, that will be followed by another employee. The car and delivery person will have cameras recording their moves.

“They’ll have a camera on them to make sure, so it’s security as well as making sure the right person is getting the right product.”

Barton Morris is with the Cannabis Legal Group and says more shops will be popping up and offering this service.

He said, “There is only a couple of places that are doing it, especially there is only one or two that are doing it recreationally.”

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