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Cop-Out By Design: The Truth Behind CBD Only Laws

September 22, 2015

Beginning in 2014, after Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s first CNN special called ... (more)

Marijuana Legalization, Demographics, and Public Opinion

July 15, 2014

Since the 2012 election cycle, the topic of marijuana legalization has dominated local and national press headlines. In November of that year, citizens in Colorado a... (more)

Marijuana and the Japanese

September 14, 2014

Although marijuana consumption is on the rise in Japan, use of the drug is still highly frowned upon. Marijuana smokers are considered the same as junkies and are re... (more)

Medical Marijuana's Legality

August 12, 2014

In recent years a great debate has swept over America, particularly in the Western United States. The debate is over the medical acceptability of marijuana and its t... (more)

NYPD change in marijuana arrest policy goes into effect

September 02, 2018

By Eyewitness News A new NYPD marijuana policy went into effect Saturday to cut down on drug arrests in New York City.Police will pu... (more)

How much cannabis should an Oregon medical marijuana patient be allowed to buy?

September 21, 2018

By Noelle Crombie In Oregon, a state analyst spotted dozens of suspicious transactions when he crunched cannabis sales data: a small number of medical marijuana cardholders bou... (more)

How cannabis equity can help make up for the racism of the War on Drugs

September 23, 2018

By Joshua Ostroff As Canada legs it toward Legalization Day, calls for cannabis... (more)

Washington DC's budding market for legal pot is rife with potential pitfalls

September 15, 2018

DC's pot laws don't allow users to purchase marijuana in a traditional buyer-seller interaction. Instead, they allow someone to buy another item, good or service — and then receive a free mar... (more)

Cannabis advocate steps down, headed to farming co-op

October 11, 2018

By Shomik Mukherjee ... (more)

Medical cannabis to be studied in nursing homes

October 06, 2018

By Pat Anson Plans have been announced in Canada for a research study on the effectiveness of medical cannabis in treating pain and improvin... (more)