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Any Chef Recipe: Canna Milk

May 09, 2015

Milk and cannabis. It's a good thing. Cannamilk tends to be a little on the strong side, but it's a great addition to any recipe that calls for regular milk. Add it ... (more)

Any Chef Recipe: S'mores Fudge

December 22, 2014

I love s'mores, but unless you live in a warm climate they aren't something that you can make year round. Problem solved - s'mores fudge! Super easy to put together,... (more)

Any Chef Recipe: Baked Mac and Cheese

May 05, 2015

"Baked" mac and cheese... comfort food at it's finest! This recipe allows you to double or triple up on the cannabis containing ingredients if you desire. It's a sim... (more)

Any Chef Recipe: Canna Sugar

November 12, 2014

This recipe will serve you well in all your cooking needs, forever. Cannasugar can be substituted in any recipe that calls for regular sugar, and you can even make y... (more)

Any Chef Recipe: Brownies

May 08, 2015

Brownies are an old standby, and these are to die for.  This recipe gives you the option to double up on medibles, and the warm soft brownie is perfect covered ... (more)