LDS Church gets beat on medical marijuana ballot initiative

LDS Church gets beat on medical marijuana ballot initiative

By Chris Jones

Former State Rep. Mark Madsen, knows politics in Utah, and he knows the power The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wields in the state as well.

He says he isn’t sure what the LDS Church will do in the months leading up to the November ballot initiative, which was approved Tuesday by the Utah Lieutenant Governor office. But he says, in his experience, he feels the church will work to get the initiative defeated.

Madsen worked hard in 2016 to pass a medical marijuana bill, but he says, thanks in part to the LDS Church, his bill was defeated.

"They marched into my office after they’d gone to leadership and said ‘uh we already told leadership we'll oppose it (medical marijuana) we told leadership what to do,” said Madsen, “This is kind of courtesy call to let you know."

Madsen, who now lives in Idaho and will soon move to Peru to work on medical marijuana related opportunities in that country, says he feels that some of the opponents to medical marijuana have not operated honorable during the battle to get names on, and off, the initiative.

“It's been very disappointing to see that play out, but frankly their efforts have been pretty feckless and have kind pointed out the character that those special interest groups apparently have,” said Madsen.

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