By Nick Starling

Cannabis supporters call it the “green rush” as interest among farmers to plant hemp, which is a close cousin of marijuana, continues to increase.

Several thousand people showed up to a packed KCI Expo Center to learn about growing and harvesting cannabis and hemp.

“I’m very interested in having a distributorship and growing some medical marijuana and some hemp,” said Todd Leonard, who owns a bar in St. Joesph, Missouri.

Leonard said he wants to help sick people, whose symptoms could be mitigated by medical marijuuana.

"I see a lot of old people and I don’t want to see them suffer,” he said.

Leonard attended the Cannabis Education & Business Start Up event to network with others of a similar mind.

“I know I kind of want to get in with a small business and kind of make it the Amazon of whatever weed,” said Aspen Sennewald, a student at Mizzou.

Sennewald hopes to get her foot in the door of a growing industry — no pun intended.

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