Chocolatier makes jump from candy to St. Louis cannabis company

Chocolatier makes jump from candy to St. Louis cannabis company

By Dori Olmos, Abby Llorico

A whiff of chocolate and the sweet smell of candy greet Dave Owens every day when he clocks in to work.

He’s spent years in the food industry, getting his start in restaurants and then at St. Louis-based Bissinger’s, where he had the enviable title of Chief Chocolatier and Vice President of Taste.

But these days, he’s in a different kind of chocolate kitchen. While gobbling up goodies used to be part of his job, he can no longer sample the finished product at his current gig.

“Really strange being a chef and not being able to taste my products,” Owens told Abby Llorico on a recent episode of the Abby Eats St. Louis podcast.

Owens is the Head of Culinary for Proper Cannabis Company – a Missouri medical marijuana brand – and their new line of infused candies, Honeybee Edibles. But he doesn't have a medical marijuana card.

Without a card, Owens said he’s part of the development process, pitching flavor ideas and then perfecting the non-medicated recipe, which doesn’t have any cannabis extracts.

“We did run a bunch of sample batches that were non-medicated to dial it in and we tasted those, but now we're making them. We'll get feedback now from either our patients that purchase them or our in-house team that have medical cards and are allowed to purchase,” Owens explained.

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