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Marijuana Money: No place to stash cannabis cash

November 19, 2018

By Darcy Spears With over 20,000 pot pros in Las Vegas this week for the ... (more)

Pot of gold: how the beauty industry fell for cannabis

December 04, 2018

By Anna Hart Cannabis has enjoyed an image o... (more)

Legal cannabis industry in North America eyes $16B-plus in 2019 investments

December 29, 2018

By Gillian Flaccus The last year was a 12-month champagne toast for the legal marijuana industry as the global market exploded and cannabis pushed its way further in... (more)

Seeing green: How a laid off welder opened Calgary's largest pot shop

December 06, 2018

By Ryan Rumbolt Amid pipeline problems and market mayhem, one... (more)

Oregon man busted with 6,701 pounds of what Idaho police suspect is cannabis

January 30, 2019

By Rebecca Boone Idaho State Police officials ... (more)

Cannabis may be coming to a mall near you: rolling papers and CBD products go upscale

February 26, 2019

By Charisse Jones Cannabis is not just going ... (more)

Chicago marijuana startup raises $100 million

March 18, 2019

By Jim Dallke ... (more)

From treating his epilepsy with weed as a teen, this 32-year-old is now a multimillionaire cannabis

April 01, 2019

By Helen Zhao At the age of 14, Joshua Haupt woke up in an am... (more)

CBD is everywhere, but how much is known about the cannabis compound?

April 03, 2019

By Associated Press With CBD showing up... (more)