Cannabis delivery, edibles and ads could change under new, permanent California regulations

Cannabis delivery, edibles and ads could change under new, permanent California regulations

By Brooke Staggs

Cannabis retailers soon may be able to deliver marijuana anywhere in California, no matter what city or county rules say.

Also, it’s likely that medical marijuana patients will be allowed to buy edibles infused with cannabis more potent than currently permitted under state law.

And on another front, the rules for what companies can and can’t say when advertising cannabis products soon could become more strict.

All three shifts are among the new rules proposed Friday by state regulators in their long-awaited draft of permanent regulations for California’s cannabis industry.

The permanent regulations will replace the “emergency” rules under which the multibillion-dollar industry has been operating this year. The public has 45 days to comment — in writing or at one of 10 hearings to be held soon throughout the state — on the proposed permanent cannabis rules before they’re adopted by regulators.

This is the state’s fourth round of developing regulations for the cannabis industry.

Rules first were drafted for the medical marijuana sector, but those had to be scrapped after Californians voted to approve recreational marijuana in November 2016. The state released its first round of emergency regulations for both sectors in November 2017, then made some changes as they extended those emergency rules this May. But the goal is to get final rules in place by the end of the year.

“This is about seven months of listening, going to meetings and events and all of these town halls and summits, and hearing what people had to say about how the emergency regulations were working or not working,” said Alex Traverso, spokesman for the Bureau of Cannabis Control, which oversees marijuana retailers, distributors, event promoters and lab testers.

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