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Two years in, California’s legal marijuana industry is stuck. Should voters step in?

December 27, 2019

By Patrick McGreevy Two years after California bega... (more)

California pot industry calls for help from state leaders

December 02, 2019

By Alicia Wallace About 170 years after California’s gold rush came the promise of the green rush. California’s legalization of cannabis for adult recreatio... (more)

California suspends 394 marijuana supply businesses

November 08, 2019

By Associated Press California ha... (more)

Philadelphia police are searching more cars for marijuana — but finding less of it, critics say

October 31, 2019

By Samantha Melamed Though Philadelphia has effective... (more)

Hemp farmer loses $70,000 in plants to thieves who think it's marijuana

October 29, 2019

By Megan Magensky A Franklin County hemp farmer is losing tens of thousands of dollars in plants to thieves that are taking the hemp thinking it's marijuana.... (more)

Mandatory testing now required for medical marijuana sales in Oklahoma

October 18, 2019

By Abby Broyles The content of your cannabis could ... (more)

A reporter's experience at the High Times Cannabis Bazaar in Detroit

October 14, 2019

By Omar Abdel-Baqui I knew I was nearing the Russell Industrial Center whe... (more)

How much money will Sarasota County lose by limiting cannabis dispensaries?

October 12, 2019

By Billy Cox No matter which route takes you past 2864 Clark Road, you’ll pass any number of places ... (more)

This opioid producer just said yes to cannabis

September 22, 2019

By Sean Williams In the years to come, marijuana could very well be ... (more)

Sports leagues will need to revisit cannabis rules as more states legalize weed

August 03, 2019

By LZ Granderson My name is LZ Granderson a... (more)