Canna Milk

Canna Milk

Milk and cannabis. It's a good thing. Cannamilk tends to be a little on the strong side, but it's a great addition to any recipe that calls for regular milk. Add it to your coffee in the morning, try making ice cream, or whip up some amazing mac and cheese!


7 cups of whole milk (NOT low-fat)
3 cups of heavy whipping cream
1oz. to 1.5oz. of cannabis (this amount will vary based on the potency of your bud) Powder it well! I use a coffee grinder.
Medium sauce pan
Stainless steel mixing bowl
Whisk or mixing spoon
Cheese cloth or terry cloth (coffee filters will work in a pinch)
(You can also use a double boiler for this recipe if you have one handy)


1) The first step is to put several inches of water in your saucepan. Eventually you are going to place your stainless steel mixing bowl over the top. You don't want the water to touch the bottom of the pan, you just want to use the steam to create heat.

2) While your water is warming to a simmer, combine the milk, cream, and powdered cannabis in your bowl and whisk well.

3) You do NOT want your water boiling at any time -- too much heat will curdle your milk and make you cry. Aim for a gentle simmer.

4) Once your water is at the appropriate temperature, place the bowl with the milk over the saucepan. Then... patience.  

5) You need to just let it cook, stirring it once in a while. At least 30 minutes, but no longer than three hours. Cooking it longer won't extract any more THC and makes it more likely you'll scald the milk.

6) Remove your bowl from the water, and once it's cool enough to handle, strain it into your storage container of choice and let it cool in the fridge.  

7) Make sure it’s strained well. No one likes sediment in their milk!

Remember to label your container with the original date of expiration. As a fun tidbit, you can store cannamilk in the freezer. Pour the milk into ice cube trays (a standard sized ice cube tray has one ounce portions) and store it in an airtight container.