Any Chef Recipe: Canna Butter

Any Chef Recipe: Canna Butter

Cannabis butter is the staple building block of cannabis cooking. ANY recipe that calls for butter can use Cannabutter as a substitute. If you cook a lot, you may want to make large batches at a time and keep it in the freezer.

If you don't have an ounce of marijuana to use or you're interested in learning more about proper dosage and potency based on how many servings you plan to make, be sure to use the Cannabutter Dosage Calculator over at KIND MEDS!

1 pound of unsalted butter
3 cups of water
1 ounce of high grade Cannabis  

Grind your cannabis until it is very fine...use a coffee grinder if you have one, and powder it!

1) Bring three cups of water to a boil, in a medium pot, then reduce heat to a simmer
2) Put your butter in the simmering water and let it melt completely
3) Add cannabis to simmering water and butter solution
4) Mix the ingredients, fluffing it up so that nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan
5) Once the cannabis has mixed completely with the butter, cover the mixture and let simmer for 1 ñ 2 hours (check the mixture periodically to ensure that it is slowly simmering, stir occasionally, the longer the better)

1) After 2 hours, remove from heat and let the solution stand for 2-5 minutes
2) Stretch cheese cloth over an open bowl and pour the solution slowly over the cheese cloth allowing the liquid to pass through, while the cannabis solids remain on top of the cheese cloth
3) Allow mixture to remain standing for 5-10 minutes while all of the liquid drains from the cheese cloth
4) When all of the liquid has been strained through the cheese cloth, discard the cheese cloth (the THC has been transferred to the fat in the butter at this point)

1) Place the bowl of cannabutter solution in your refrigerator for a few hours, as the solution cools, the cannabutter will float and solidify on top of the water
2) When the cannabutter has solidified, floating on the water, carefully remove it from the bowl
3) Pat dry the cannabuter
4) Place in an air-tight freezer-safe container and place in the freezer.