Canna Bacon

Canna Bacon

BACON.  Whether you eat it as part of your morning breakfast, or add it to a BLT or crumbled on a salad, there isn't much better than crispy bacon.  Now you can make it with a little extra kick, and store it in the freezer fully cooked for up to a month to add to whatever your heart desires.  Even better?  It's SO EASY - but takes more time.

What You'll Need:
1 tbsp cannabis flour
12 strips thick-sliced bacon


1) Start by preheating your oven to 200°F and placing the bacon well spaced on a cookie sheet. For better results use a wire rack.

2) Take your flour and shake it over the bacon that is now laid out.

3) You can be as stingy or as generous as you want but for the stronger effects, you should add a good amount of flour to each strip.

4) Place the strips in the oven on the sheet and cook them until the bacon starts to crisp on top (about 1.5-2 hours.)

5) Take the sheet out, flip the strips over so that the other side can cook, powder with more flour, and put them back in the oven (about one more hour.)

If necessary, degrease the bacon with a paper towel once you've gotten the crispiness that you need. Slow cooking retains and brings out the best flavors.