XJ-13 Strain is a classic hybrid strain which was listed has “Garden Rescue” by Oaksterdam University in the year 2011. The sweet spice taste of this strain with hints of pine and lime produces a body numbing buzz with increased levels of mood, clarity and attentiveness. The breeder of this strain is unknown but the parental lineage is found to be a cross between widely known G-13 medical marijuana with famous marijuana strain, Jack Herer.

This strain has a highly gorgeous look with the neon green dense buds surrounded by trichromes. The sour, danky, and earthy scent of this strain produce instant powerful effects which makes it as a favorite strain among cannabis patients in Northern California. This strain is a ideal choice for daytime medication for the patient suffering from migraines, nausea, anorexia pain, anxiety, stress and depression.

Hybrid Citrus Pine Earthy Lime