Sour Grape

This strain actually tastes like sour grapes. It's a pungent cross among Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel. Sour Grape bears an extreme sour, fuel like aroma with fruity after-tones. But it is relaxing and introspective, this strain is ideal for a cup of coffee or low key evening meeting with friends. The Sour Grape created a fine channel between calming and energizing, relaxing muscles on avoiding strong effects of sedative found in the pure indicas. The strain works wonderfully for those suffering from muscle tension or stress.

The medicinal qualities are worth mentioning. The high is about 50 on 50 with the up lifting Sativa effect accompanied with an Indica hit that makes it a good pain reliever. So you may carry a bag containing fruity headband in the medicine cabinet henceforth.

Hybrid Berry Grape Sweet