Redwood Kush

Redwood Kush provides users with peacefulness and relaxation. Taking on after the earthy environment of Northern California, the strain features pine like herbal aroma. Ideal for use during the nighttime, Redwood Kush is well known for its sedative like, tingling body effects. Do not expect to do much once you've used this Indica.

Redwood Kush could have been forest green colored had it not been totally drowning in the light amber trichromes. The buds resemble a pair of unclean khakis. The aroma is like that of pepper trees and cedar. Surprisingly, its scent is sweet in the woodiness and there's some over ripe berries and musky earth that turn it sour. It is not at all harsh, and gift fine moments like a balsam or a sandalwood incense. The aesthetic aspects of this particular weed will remind you of northern California.

Indica Woody Pine Earthy