Qrazy Train

After successfully hybridizing the Black Train Wreck with the Jack the Ripper the hybrid Qrazy Train was successfully created with a great taste. The buds of this strain are of spear shape with good calyx to the leaf ratio. It tastes fruity and also spicy. This strain contains amber-tone hairs and a purple tint.

The High from Qrazy Train is strong but pleasant, quite good for relieving your pain and getting relaxed. It is also good for you if you want to treat your body aches. The effects on using Qrazy Train come instantly starting with cerebral high which shifts to a strong numbing, relaxing and pain relieving almost narcotic effect during the end of this high. Qrazy Train is suited for novices because of moderate THC level. Its aroma is really intoxicating and will definitely soothe your mind.

Hybrid Berry Earthy Sweet Spicy