Purple Wreck

Purple Wreck marijuana strains, are a result of crossing Purple Urkle female and T4 Train Wreck male strains. They grow strong and fast and produce good quality, large dark green buds with orange brown hairs that are packed tightly. Purple Wreck has 60: 40 ratios of Indica and Sativa genes. The aroma is sweet and fruity and exhale is smooth and thick. It has a lip licking sweet fruity taste too that lingers in your mouth even after toking.

Purple Wreck marijuana strains give a balancing effect- a good body buzz and edgy head buzz. They can be used during day and night time. Due to its Indica dominancy, the buzz is full bodied and remains as long as 4 hours. Purple Wreck when vaporized can be used for all day pain relief. Medicinally, they are known to help alleviate chronic body pain, sore muscles and joint spasms.

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