Purple Arrow

This particular strain is made out of the blend of purple Afghani to Hindu Kush in order to create a stronger strain. The exact reason behind the unusual name has yet to be discovered but the two major common theories are that, the strain leaves resemble purple arrows while the other being that this strain has the shade of purple and hits the user right away directly in head just like an arrow.

The Purple Arrow is ideal when it comes to curing chronic pain. No other medical strain can hit the target as does Purple Arrow. This hybrid offers effective relief to severe pain simultaneously inducing the sense of betterment and euphoria. Purple Arrow does not cause any over medicated feeling unlike other pain relieving strains. Its uniqueness is complemented with its earthy aroma. To receive immediate relief Purple Arrow undoubtedly is the fantastic choice. This strain is perfect for daytime uses and for providing the additional level of creativity.

Hybrid Earthy Spicy Sweet