Prism Water Pipes

Prism Water Pipes is a water pipe manufacturing company. Our mission is to modify the water pipe by design to eliminate issues based around breaking glass, cleaning, and the simple fact that you cannot change a solid glass piece after it's been purchased. This is all done through the modular concept. Using our aluminum couplers, and US glass manufacturing process we are able to achieve a perfect seal making the piece air tight and allowing the owner to handle it as if it were a solid piece of glass. 

Regarding our manufacturing and design. The couplers were engineered and designed in house, and we have sourced their production overseas. After many iterations we have finalized our design to be a great product. In order to achieve the pricing level needed to serve our target market, like all glass companies in our price range, Prism imports glass in basic pieces. To ensure absolute quality, and in order for our system to work, all final glass blowing for all glass parts is done locally near Philadelphia. This excludes bowls and stems. Our local glass blowers are Salem CC graduates, which is the best glass blowing school in the country.

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