Power Kush

Dinafem’s fastest growing strain, Power Kush, is an Indica-Skunk self-pollinated cross that hails from Amsterdam and has Afghani single mother genetics. The buds are light green, wide and long. They are covered with orange and white hairs. This marijuana strain is resin based and few seeds can be found. Power Kush has a sweet citrus scent and taste with a light skunk undertone. The aroma is musky, sweet and lemony. The plant can be grown indoors and production is of high quantity.

Power Kush has great vigor, power and stability. The effect is both cerebral high and body buzz. Beginners will enjoy Power Kush. Power Kush strains have classic mood elevating effects. Often, droopy eyes and eye pressure are the prominent physical changes that can be noticed. It is highly recommended for Chronic Back pain, Insomnia, Emotional Stability, Social Awareness and Depression.

Indica Lime Skunk Sweet