Matanuske Thunder Fuck

Matanuska Thunder Fuck marijuana strain hails from Matanuska valley of Alaska. It is a mix of Indica and sativa genes and gives a good uplifting high, even right after one exhale. They are loaded with about 12 percent of THC and give a strong full body buzz with mild cerebral high. These buds appear dark green to light green and are covered with white hairs and have several crystals in them. Matanuska Thunder Fuck strain smells like hot chocolate and has an impressive fruity flavor.

Due to its uplifting properties, Matanuska Thunder Fuck gives an insane amount of energy while keeping you relaxed. Concentration and focus is known to improve as well. So, they are good to toke even during day times. This strain will help in being social and is also useful in relieving anxiety, stress, excessive nausea and stomach aches.

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