Mango Kush

Mango Kush Strain is a strain which has a strong scents and flavors of the tropical fruit Mango. The aroma of this strain is subtly combined with a hint of banana. This indica dominant strain has a THC count of up to 16 percent. The users experience open talkative on smoking this strain. This strain smells like a fresh squeezed mango juice on a skunky pot and referred as classic “munchies” strain as it induces appetite. This strain is recommended for night doses as it would affect all the day to day activities.

This high-grade strain is produced by crossing famous KC Brains Mango with the classic Hindu Kush. Most of the dispensaries use them as an effective medication for chronic aches and pains, especially joint pains, to bring sleep to the insomniacs, to fight off headaches and migraines, to battle inflammation, stress and anxiety.

Hybrid Mango Sweet Tropical