Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop marijuana strains are an A grade, top shelf, sativa dominant hybrid cross that give a sour twist. This medical marijuana hails from West Coast and has a citrus scent with a dark earthy tinge. Lemon Drop grows up to two meters in height and the buds are long, fluffy and full of trichromes. The THC levels found in Lemon Drop marijuana strains are as high as 23 percent.

Lemon drop gives more of cerebral high than body buzz. The buzz can be felt within half an hour and stays up to 3 hours. It is good to be toked in the morning hours than during the night time. They will give a surge of energy, uplifted happy mood and thus, help in socializing too. It is recommended in increasing and regulating appetite, to relieve joint pains and other body discomforts.

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