LA Confidential

LA Confidential Strain contains relatively very low THC percentage which makes it soothing anxiety and counteracting insomnia and best suitable for medical uses. This strain won the cup for first place in the year 2005. This strain is insanely bushy and crystal filled Kush that slightly psychedelic with Piney and sweet taste like inside of a sauna.

This strain smells like a Master Kush or Diamond Kush with a medium potent. The genetics of OG / Bubba gives real euphoria along with uplifting qualities for this Indica dominant strain. Most of the dispensaries use them as an effective medication for Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia and Sex Disorders. Even though this strain is not terribly potent it gives the user relaxing, but not really sleepy feeling. However it becomes too relaxing for handling complicated tasks in day to day life.

Indica Earthy Flowery Pine Sweet