This is the perfect blend of Blueberry, noted for its fantastic taste and OG Kush for the heavy qualities of indica. Sprinkle it over yoghurt with honey or consume fresh from a meadow, the Seed Bank cannot get enough of Kushberry. Give these feminized cannabis seeds a try and you will never be disappointed.

The Kush Berry generally tends to produce stalky, small plants. The bud seems average, but is among the stronger strains seen in the market, ideal for sleep, pain relief, as well as eating disorders. Kushberry is the cannabis seed; these gems can be considered to be medicinal berries for enjoyment from the mystical forest of wonder. Once you learn about these juicy delicacies and get them to fill up your pocket, you’ll simply keep enjoying. Check out the Kush Berry availability to be stocked up. You will also come across other strains using medical marijuana strain locators.

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