Klever Garden

Klever Garden was founded by Titon Hoque and co founded by Enam Hoque, Animesh Banerjee, and Chad Caron. Each of whom bring a unique perspective to the field from planting, marketing, legal, manufacturing, thought capital, planning, programming, mobile development, and support. And they all have a passion for growing whether it’s fruits, vegetables, or herbs.

Why should plants and vegetables be transported thousands of miles? Why should I consume something that was picked and processed over a year ago? Those are some of the questions that we have a hard time understanding and we think there are steps that we can take to reduce some of the problems. Our unique mission is to help ourselves as a society by making fresher and healthier greens available to us affordably. The Klever Garden is one of the first aspects to that by allowing automation work for those wanting to grow at home.

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