Ingrid Kush Strain, a strong Indica potent crossbreed between Sagarmatha Seeds’ Stonehedge mother and a male Juan Moore's Dixie Crystal. Sometimes, Indica kush strain is also considered to be a hybrid between UK cheese and Hash plant. This combination is what gives this strain a cheesy smell and a pungent odor. However, it tastes herby, eerie and carries a menthol sweet smell in the smoke.

Ingrid Kush Strain is good for patients suffering from insomnia, lupus related pain, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anxiety. This is because the dominant Indica genes of Ingrid Kush strains provide a wonderful medicating body high. This marijuana strain is good to take at nights as it gives a complete sedation and relaxation effect on body.

Indica Chemical Flowery Pungent Rose