Hippie Butter

Hippie Butter's social media and multiple-platform website include a full line of organic hemp seed foods, beverages and beauty products as well as recipes, step-by-step, "Cooking With Hemp Seeds" instructional videos, hemp education and hemp history. These elements are designed to educate our site visitors, immerse them in our brand's hemp culture and welcome them as members of our Hippie Butter community.

Haven't tried hemp seeds before? Just go to our site, www.freehempseedsamples.com, follow the exact instructions and we'll send you free hemp seeds samples to try.

We started with two products, toasted and hulled hemp seeds. Since then I've incorporated my chef's skills and palate into the process, bootstrapped funding and Hippie Butter now carries a wide-variety of vegan-certified gourmet hemp seed products.

We currently market through social media, with over 650,000 followers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and more. Hippie Butter recently introduced a wholesale program for grocers and retail stores as well as affiliate and drop-shipping programs.

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