Happy Buddha Hemp

20 Years Of Experience In The CBD Industry

Founded in 2016 by Kate Povondra & DJ Petz (soon to be husband and wife). Kate discovered CBD through DJ when she severely injured her back in a fall. Once very active, she was faced with crippling pain and a drastic change in her lifestyle. She was doing everything she could to find relief but what she found was fleeting- until she found CBD through DJ. As a massage therapist of 14 years, she became fascinated with what she was experiencing so she did extensive research to see what was causing these results and began using it on her massage clients to see how CBD can work with the body and help people. Once she started using it on others, she really understood what an amazing, beneficial compound CBD was. DJ had known about CBD for a long time, he had been growing cannabis for 10 years and moved out to the North Fork Valley of Colorado to learn how to refine his technique and how to grow plants without using any harmful or toxic chemicals, which is still the norm for most cannabis. He quickly learned that great hemp starts with great soil & by using natural methods, you don’t have to sacrifice the yield of the plant to keep the quality high.


The pair started to formulate products that kept true to their values as individuals and that would help people have access to pure, clean, cost-effective CBD products. What started as a grassroots company 4 years before hemp was federally legalized, gained a popular following in Colorado. In Dec 2018 when the Farm Bill federally legalized hemp, Kate & DJ brought their company nationwide and found an overwhelmingly positive response. Through the years, they have grown a husband & wife company to a team of 5 managing partners, 44 employees and nationwide recognition of authorities in the CBD Industry. Their vales are at the core of the company and they have refused to sacrifice them for profits- and their customers have notice the difference time and time again. We know if you try a Happy Buddha Hemp product- you will notice the difference.


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