Articles in Growing

Xtreme Gardening


Xtreme Gardening was born with the goal to inspire a new generation of gardeners and growers. Always striving to maximize yields and quality through biological amendments. Xtreme Gardening combines new technology with results from millions of years o... Read full article



Reefertilizer is a simple, effective, three-step fertilizer and nutrients system that makes it easy for anyone to grow cannabis at home. What our products accomplish is a streamlined process of nurturing your cannabis plants the optimum fertilizers a... Read full article

Lab Society


We strive to go beyond expectations with each product we manufacture. We’ve been recognized as a thought leader in the space, and we’re committed to leading the way rather than following trends.... Read full article

a Pot for Pot


We're passionate farmers and industry veterans who have been growing pot for years. We started A Pot for Pot to empower people to grow their own medicine, and combat the stigma that pot is difficult to grow.... Read full article

Klever Garden


Klever Garden was founded by Titon Hoque and co founded by Enam Hoque, Animesh Banerjee, and Chad Caron. Each of whom bring a unique perspective to the field from planting, marketing, legal, manufacturing, thought capital, planning, programming, mobi... Read full article

Advanced Nutrients


Advanced Nutrients products greatly increase vigor, maturation speed, yield, and potency. Our products are engineered nutrition programs, soil treatments, root zone additives, foliar sprays, preventives, inoculants, compost teas, bud boosters... Read full article