Grape Kush

DJ Short’s Grape Kush is a very productive hybrid of Blueberry family. The plant grows to short heights but has heavy bud production. The buds are light green covered with orange hairs. They have a sharp fruity aroma and chocolate grape flavor with a sweet earthy undertone. The THC records at 17 percent consistently and thus gives a good Indica high. Initially, there is a head high while an exciting euphoria develops with mild narcotic effects. Later, it creeps to full body relaxation. Thus, not advisable for novice smokers and can be toked during night times. Grape Kush effects can last up to 4 hours.

Grape Kush strains come in with medicinal values too. Due to its positive high, it is known to help patients suffering from depression, lack of self-confidence and anxiety. It helps one in doing creative activities and in building concentration.

Hybrid Blueberry Grape Sweet