Dr. Who

Dr. Who composes of Indica 60% and Sativa 40%. It is recommended to use at any part of the day. It offers ample relaxation and pain relief to patients. Dr. Who has the large THC level that keeps the patient’s brain engaged and moving. Its aroma is somewhat equal to over ripe pineapple or grape fruit. It tastes pungent, sweet, sour and earthly.

Dr. Who is the mix of Timewreck and Mad Scientist strains. It has proved effective for nausea, multiple sclerosis, mood disorders, stress, pain, appetite loss, and ADHD without any sedation or lethargy. It makes the smoker feel relaxed, talkative, euphoric and creative. As the effect of Dr. Who reaches its high, it uplifts and energizes the patient.

Hybrid Earthy Pungent Woody